Dr. Vincent Auchane - Patent process

Biotechnology, or the “technology of bioconversion” results, as its name suggests, from a marriage between the science of living beings and a range of new techniques derived from other disciplines such as molecular biology.

Sensitive to his environment, and particularly to his living space, and evolving since the beginning in the heart of a large winegrowing region, it is quite natural for Doctor Auchane to be interested in the grapevine, and more particularly to the extraordinary activity of its blossom.

Recognised for its rebalancing action: cellular renewal, cellular respiration and exchanges, epidermal stimulation and regeneration, soothing effect, grapevine blossom lays a significant role in the quality of the skin.

The process of cell culture of the grapevine blossom enables its action to be potentiated. This patented process is based on the culture of whole, unfractionated vegetable cells optimising bioavailability and hence the efficacy of the active molecules they enclose.

The active cells therefore act in the skin by means of biochemical processes.

Of extremely high purity, and cultivated in a clean, controlled environment, the vegetable cells derived from grapevine blossom contain no pesticide or allergen, and is not subject to any genetic engineering.