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Dr. Vincent Auchane - Cosmétiques - Les EssentielsThe Essentials
- Cleansing Lotion
- Softening Lotion


Dr. Vincent Auchane - Cosmétiques - Hydra +Hydra +
- Active Source Serum
- Active Source Day Care
- Active Source Night Care


Actions of the active grapevine blossom cells : inhibits the evaporation of water in the epidermis and limits its passage from the derma to the epidermis (the derma retaining the water whilst favouring synthesis)

Results of the in vitro scientific tests: The 28% increase in water retention in the epidermis and derma of 28% 30 minutes after application, and the 20% reduction in transepidermal passage of the titrated water 60 minutes after application.


Dr. Vincent Auchane - Cosmétiques - Anti AgeHolistic anti-age care
- Eye& Lip contours
- Regenerating Serum
- Extra-Firming Day Care
- Extra-Firming Night Care
- Gentle Peeling
- Extra-Firming Mask

Actions of grapevine blossom cells : creation of skin support fibres at 2 levels: proteoglycans and collagens responsible for firmness and elastine for increasing elasticity.
Also anti-free radical and anti-oxidant action.

Results of in vitro scientific results : a firmer, more elastic, more resistant skin with a 16% increase in the elastine rate and a 22% increase in the proteoglycan level.
Reduction in lipoperoxidation caused, which is expressed by a 21% reduction in the DA rate (malondialdehyde resulting from lipoperoxidation)

Results of the tests carried out in self-evaluation :
Under the supervision of a dermatologist, carried out on 20 people after 3 weeks using the Holistic anti-age routine (Serum + Extra-Firming day care + Multi-Regenerating night care)
- 82 % found their skin more luminous
- 88 % found their skin more supple
- 78 % found their skin smoother
- 74 % found their skin firmer

Dr. Vincent Auchane - Cosmétiques - PuretéPurity
- Matifying Hydra Fluid
- Purifying Mask


Actions of active grapevine blossom cells : Detoxifying and oxygenating, contribute to removing toxins and help the skin to control its regulating mechanisms

Results of the in vitro scientific tests : The skin regains its original balance. It retains its radiance and long-term mat appearance. Effect on cellular respiration: increase in the release of CO2 in physiological conditions. Matifying effect: increase in the level of released free ratty acids and the level of glycerine in the culture medium compared to the control cells of 15% and 17%, i.e. a considerable degradation o the lipids responsible for brilliance.


Dr. Vincent Auchane - Cosmétiques - EclatRadiance
- Renovating Serum
- Multi-active Hand Cream


Actions of active grapevine blossom cells : anti-oxidant, oxygenating, revives respiration of the skin and favours uniformity of colour

Results of in vitro scientific tests : better cellular respiration for effective removal of toxins. In parallel with this, a reduction in cellular oxidation due to atmospheric pollution.
Protection from physiological lipoperoxidation expressed by a reduction in MDA by 16 %.
Regulation of pigmentation by acting on the enzyme tyrosinase responsible for the production of melanine and hence the appearance of spots.
17% reduction in the melanine level.