The prospects for development

Perspectives d'évolution

Top up your monthly income or move into a management position, you choose and you work at your own pace.

Whatever is motivating you (additional income, getting back to work, change of career…), we  support you in your new activity. So if you choose to continue your development you will find that the network is a considerable driving force for development.  Build your own team by selling directly through networks. As you recruit more people, become a Confirmed Beauty Consultant, Dr. Organiser, Dr. Manageress, Dr. Premium Manageress.

You train and encourage your Consultants. You will receive a remuneration that is proportional to the results of your team.

Your objective is to help the members of your team to form their own group. The key to success: duplicate, in the same quality, what you have learnt to enable them to develop. It is better to recruit fewer people but train, encourage and follow your team.

Both the sale of products and team training are rewarded directly by the company based, clearly, on the results of each individual. If there is no minimum income there is no maximum either ! This is the way in which we get to know everyone among us who, despite having no special training, but who are committed and courageous, nevertheless carve out exceptional careers !