Dr Vincent Auchane Doctor Vincent AUCHANE has practised in Lyon since 1992, and has practised cosmetic surgery i his own clinic since 2001.

From Aesthetics to Cosmetics

For over 20 years Doctor Vincent Auchane has worked every day with women of all ages in practising his profession. His finding is clear: the skin, sensitised by climate, the passing of the years, treatments (medical, cosmetic, etc.), pollution and quite simply inappropriate behaviour, has been substantially damaged, giving rise to skin disorders.

Gamme Dr Vincent AuchaneHe continues to be interested in the skin scarring process, giving him a detailed knowledge of each skin profile and its capacity for regeneration peculiar to each individual. He is conducting in-depth research into the scientific knowledge of the skin, a field which was to become his second passion.

In 2009 he decided to create a skincare line based on the conviction that all skin has sufficient potential to regenerate and repair its cells provided that it receives the nutritive elements it requires daily.

After 3 years of research the skincare line Dr. Vincent Auchane has now developed, halfway between classic cosmetics and pharmaceuticals:  Cosmesthétique© (Cosmaesthetics). Born out of the latest technologies relating to formulations, this new skincare line has undoubted efficacy. The brand is distributed by Eferda Laboratories, of which Vincent Auchane is the President.